Alliance Mission rant

As a customer I feel I have the right to politely express my dissatisfaction… Apparently you are unable to resolve an issue that happens over and over again… I spent my whole night helping my alliance get the missions done. We were a few people short because of personal issues so this was a tough week. And we WOULD have got it! Less than 50 battles remaing before it ended early.

And as if that weren’t revolting enough, those who entered a little late can’t even get the 10/9 rewards… So what now? Are you gonna send rewards to everyone again? Including those who DID get their rewards already? Unfairly benefiting a bunch of players… Again??

Honestly… been supporting this game for years, and I’m tired of seeing the same mistakes repeating themselves… Here’s a thing you could repeat though. Give us a boost reset/reshuffle to calm our moods like you did once before. I think now is a good time.

Rant over.


It’s honestly mind blowing how some things just can’t seem to get fixed for weeks or months on end whilst any bug benefitting players and hurting Ludia gets fixed within the hour.

Being one of those here since start…. It’s heartbreaking to see how this gets worse and worse every month and how bad the game performs nowadays compared to when it started. The amount of bugs, glitches, mistakes and programming failures is becoming such a huge list I’m honestly convinced it’s unsolvable at this point.

Add the stress and annoyance this game brings to so many players…. You have to wonder WHY


It would be nice if they released an update that just addressed bugs and gameplay rather than introducing the newest, greatest overpowered dino that they’re inevitably going to nerf two updates from then after everybody has spent a lot of time building and boosting it.

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Well there are some bugs that actually benifit the Player that Ludia don’t know about but I’d rather not discuss those…

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Oh but I promise you when they do find out: game gets shut down immediately and it doesn’t come back up till it’s fixed.

I know right