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Alliance mission requirements should be decreased

I personally feel that these new mission requirements makes us drive and play for hours together. It is dangerous and also time consuming. Games are supposed to be for fun. For serious gamers also 4-6 hrs on a mobile game is too much. And here the way these new missions are we need to spend 8-12 hrs to complete all required missions. Even if there were loads of issues the requirement of alliance mission as said was to decrease workload . Instead it is now a headache. Especially the direct hits, battles and incubators should be decreased atleast to make it better. I never used to go out (only done it twice before) after midnight for darting. Since 24th Dec I have done this on 14 days which is risky, extremely cold and also paid fines twice as they found me using mobile while driving. Overall all o want to say is that I have played loads of games and never has any game required so much time. We were told somewhere by Ludia that new missions would require significantly less time than before but that also turned out to be a lie. Green stops got increased for a week and then went to worst than before that week. Supply drops has gone down to two in my 200m radius. If i play without VIP then it is zero. Frequent disconnection, game not loading, stuck at 17/27. The lost would go on. So Ludia if you are listening (please do for once) , we don’t need any new dino for next 3 months. Just please sort the problems in the game. Christmas and New year time i had missed the rare and epic tries as my game didn’t load.i had tried 5 different phones,3 different wifis and it didn’t work. We get this loading issue especially the 17/27 we have to wait. Sometimes 2 hrs and sometimes for 12 hrs. This should not happen. Please listen to us and do some good to the game and not harm it anymore

What do you people think?


I think if you dont like the game or it is “dangerous and tine consuming for you” dont play.

And getting fined twice for playing and driving is just dumb. Watch the road so you dont kill someone.

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I think it should be a challenge.
I don’t think all the alliances should be able to hit 10/10 with 15 min of play time a day.
Seems about right to me.


I think alliance missions are achievable if you are a part of an active 50 person alliance that has a good mix of battlers and darters.

That’s the point to emphasise. If the alliance has nothing but players who like to go out darting dinos, the defence missions won’t get done. Just as if your alliance team mates only battle and don’t dart you’ll struggle with the exploration.

So first off, make sure everyone is doing something pretty much every day. Some may do loads every day and carry the alliance which is unfair if the alliance doesn’t hit 10/10, but their hard work often papers over the ones who do next to nothing.
If you are wanting to get the full rewards look at the activity of your alliance and if it’s lacking, leave it and join a more active one.

The current system is way better than the old one which had virtually impossible defence requirements unless there was a concerted effort every week with a necessity for a third party communication server.


Last week this is what I did for major requirements
14764 darts fired
9625 direct hits
564 battles( did around every campaign mission 3-4 times but it didn’t count)
And loads of supply drops and interactions, dbi as it is available if needed.

Join a better alliance dude!

With those stats you should be in a 10/10 alliance


There is a spot in our 10/9 alliance ’house of hunters’ save your gas, stop putting yourself and others at risk.

If I join an new alliance which is 10/10 now will I get the rewards on Monday or not. Changed alliance only once yet

Yep, you get what rewards the new alliance have earned

@Proto what do you think?

Hi @Mitul_C_Vaishnav. Like @Srock4t said we could use another great member for our alliance “House of Hunters”. But please stay safe, whatever you decide… We are a very generous alliance so np when entering before the alliance rewards resets :wink:

We will need your in game name to accept you