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Alliance Mission Rewards... Let's talk~

Alright! So I just wanted to see how other folks are with the current group of DNA we’re getting for their two week period. I may stop at this current group in time, I may keep going with the next ones, depends on how this conversation thread goes.

So! From September 22nd to October 5th has these dinosaurs for gathering DNA:

Exploration - Eniasaurus, Triceratops (Rare), Stygimoloch

Defense - Sarcosuchus, Argentinosaurus, Sarcorixis

What are y’all opinions about this batch? I personally don’t like them. I mean, sure we get some Argentinosaurus DNA, and that helps eventually helps make Maxima, and yes we get Triceratops and Stygimoloch, but most peeps aren’t gonna go for them anymore, thanks to how weak their Hybrids are. Obviously not Paramoloch though.

I just wish that I could get one more week of the last batch of DNA - I really could use some Blue DNA right about now :sob:

Yeah, this batch is meh for me since none actually do anything for my current team. BUT i’ll still welcome any dna as reward since you never know when you might need it eventually…learned to not be too picky after my first update on here heh still, im with ya in the Blue cravings

There are some gems in there. Argent and Stygi

Just wait for the Anky G2, Nodo, Armagaceph week!!!

Plus looking at what is left there is still some great stuff to come. Every time can’t be great!

1 Amargoceph
1 Anky
1 Blue
1 Brachi
1 Diplo
1 Erliko
1 Kentro
2 Koola
3 Mono
1 Posti
3 Pyro
1 Seco
1 Sino

Plus 2 chances for Irri and a few other decent rares

so as you can see some have already been there done that roflmao !

They double up mate, here is the full table. Green indicates been and gone.

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different phones different zones mate !
most of the ones you mentioned have already paid us a visit and left already lol
( P.S. ) i live in Western Australia btw which means we are a day ahead over
here because of the international timeline lol :slight_smile:

Are we singing from different song sheets here or what?

We haven’t had Kentro, Anky or Diplo as alliance mission rewards yet

Something to remember, sane as the dinosaurs of the week, they may not be great for you but maybe for other players they are. The game has to cater to all.


I stated when i asked in a post 4 weeks into the sino rewards that i would be completely ok with the stinker weeks here and their if it ment they would start rotating from sino because we were gonna end up with over leveled sino hybrids

And this week isnt all bad thanks to Argentina. . And its still better then the current season.

Oh yeah. I mean, Miragia? Really? And what sucks is that I actually almost reached 5k trophies… I couldn’t do that for any other season that mattered, but for a common, I go above and beyond! OooohhH!

Makes me so mad :rage:

Anyway, I would loooove to go get that one option that show cases Erliko G2. Have her at level 17, and would love to get her to level 20 to begin the hybrid.

Same here. Plus the Irri/Seco week!!!

YEEEEESSSSSS! I need to get Ardento going at some point. Some peeps already got their Ardentismaxima in the arena, and I’m over here with a level 17 Ardento :confounded:

I don’t have ardento yet, so the argebdtinosaurus will help me create her. Other than that, the rewards are kinda meh. I’ll take whatever dna I get tho.