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Alliance mission rewards reset

Did i miss something where it said that alliance rewards weren’t going to be changed every 2 weeks now?


Updated at the top.

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Ah so just over holidays. Thx!

Somebody on a Russian facebook page group leaked these alliance mission rewards, apparently this is what we’re getting starting on the 13th. They haven’t been wrong about other things that they’ve found in the past either.

Well I hope they are wrong this time!

I’d sooner have the crap we have now than that.


I don’t want ANY of that DNA. :slightly_frowning_face:


Yeah same junk dna for weeks and they cut the current 1 short a week to start this junk early.

Russian leak looks like junk as well.

Hello, when do we get another reward for daly and group Mission?

Next Monday, the 13th it changes.

I was hoping with the new season the alliance rewards daily dino would have changed. The alliance rewards last season have been pretty useless. And every season theres has been a new dino for daily mission. Did ludia not just change them because they were closed for the holidays or will the rewards actually stay the same?

What Russian leak?

The one posted in this thread.

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Any idea on what the new daily dino will be?

This pic is in Spanish so hopefully is a hoax because it would suck too much

It’s posted a few before my comment.

It’s not a hoax, I mean you guys have heard of Ludia before right? Expect disappointment and you’ll never be disappointed.


I really hope thats wrong cause that is quite possibly the worst case scenario

Time to go on vacation for two weeks.

It probably is a hoax, I hope it is.

I like the bottom right prize