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Alliance mission Rewards


Hi there,

I’m not complaining but i would know if the rewards of the alliance missions will still be the same and if not did anyone get the information about how long?
It’s not that i don’t like sino (i have no access to him so its good) but we are at 4 time in a row counting this week?Will it change?


They will rotate but no one knows when.


Technically we are on our third time, since week two got taken down to fix bugs.

Personally, I’ll take all the sino I can get.

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I’m okay with this week being the same but next week I’m hoping it will change. 4 weeks is long enough to get the same dino


Hey everyone!

Although I don’t have exact details for changes related to Alliance Mission rewards, rest assured that the devs are aware that our players would like to see a variety of rewards, and they’re working on a timetable.


Sino hybrid line is great and I didn’t max them out yet. I never mind collecting her dna for another month or two.


Maybe some irritaor gen 1 wink wink


Please change the rewards before it becomes monotonous and dull. I hope you guys change rewards every week in upcoming days.


Thank you a lot for your answer.
Thats ok,as i said,i have no problem to stack sino and i play einiasuchus for moment so…
but i pray for a hybrid of concavenator !