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Alliance missions and alliance size


so i and 4 of my friends(3 of them inactive :frowning: ) have an alliance. we as 2 active members play a lot and daily so most missions we complete. however the missions are made for 40+ members so we cant properly finish them all (especially the daily battle incubator one). so i propose a solution. for alliance missions, make them say for example “group member count x 2 battle incubators” instead of just “X amount of battle incubators”. it would be really good and i think would recieve positive feedback


The idea is to build full, active Alliances for the game. I would see if you can recruit new members or perhaps look to join an existing alliance.

I think there will be more Alliance related tasks in the future, more than just the missions. A full, active alliance could be a benefit if or when those come around.


I agree that joining alliances together would be more fun… Unless players care to much about being a “leader” rather than free DNA.

Edit: The comradery is a huge plus!


Some Alliance Group missions would be fun. Pair up to complete goals.

I would like to see more Inter-Alliance missions that all members can contribute to. Many members are lower level or small folks and do not have the battle teams or skills yet. Something like a competition of who can dart the most of a common spawn, like Eina or Nunda or something. Get them excited to go and dart what they have all over. It is hard to get them excited to battle when they are just going to get pummeled every time with much larger/better skilled opponents.

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Right. The Daily Missions encouraged me to try harder with the Direct Hits… when the needed amount was jumping so very high.

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I agree with Tsuki. Also when you complete an alliance mission dpg for one of the five, while you are waiting to complete the other 4, any “extra” for hat one should go onto the next level rather than waiting for all 5 to be complete before starting to add to next level.

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I invite anyone I challenge who is not a member of an alliance to join us. We still only have 14 members. It is not through lack of trying

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Keep your post current in the Alliance forum. I would think many folks are still looking or looking to move to a different Alliance.

I would change, but mine says they have cookies. Not sure exactly when I will get any, but they keep saying they are going to make them for me.

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The old cookie blackmail trick! I should try that

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We are a small alliance of friends and family that play and really have no interest in building up a group of people we don’t know. We accept that we’ll never get to rank 5 in the Alliance Missions, but some of the missions are way out of balance with others in the same rank. We constantly complete all the missions in exploration except shooting darts which is always far behind the other missions. The Battle Incubators is our other hold back as we easily complete the other defense missions but that one holds us back due to the forced daily limit.