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Alliance Missions and Rewards

So I really like that we can earn DNA points every day for targeted activities. I also think it’s awesome to complete all these different alliance missions every week and get incubators. However, if I might suggest something…

Personally, I don’t use the DNA points for the current incubators we get for the alliance missions. Not that they aren’t useful, it’s just that I’ve been working towards certain dinosaurs since I started playing last year. If we could rotate the Dino’s we get in these incubators, it would be awesome. They have been the same Dino’s since the launch of alliance missions. What if we did something like each level of incubator gave you different Dino’s; not an increase in the amount? Or maybe rotate the Dino’s we get every week and keep the increase in DNA points per level of incubator?

Again, not complaining, but wondering if maybe this is something is in the works or that could potentially be discussed.

I’d really like to see some Dimetrodons, Argentinisaurus’ or Rajasaurs’. Here a few I’d like to see and one of my mains I’ve been working on since I started a year ago.

image image image


Dimetrodon and Argentino can both be found in area 3. Let some rare scents off you will get some of them. And then hopefully find some strays while you’re there.

And I do hope for alliance reward changes. It should change monthly. And we could rotate back to the current rewards monthly changes. Do it Ludia. Personally hope to see Grypo. Not to sound like a broken record here.

It could go fierce, lockdown, immune etc etc monthly changes.


I agree they need to change and rota monthly maybe.
I would love to see Baryonyx and T. rex epic, Pyro, or Darwin

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