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Alliance missions - battles vs takedowns

It was posted in suggestions, but I think it’s a bug


  • current cap means half takedown per battle, so for one win (3 takedowns) you need 6 loses to 0 (unlikely). It just doesn’t make sense.
  • to make 5 lvl incubator you need 6830 battles. For 7 days and 50 alliance members its 19 battles per day. Its way more time consuming than exploration (fire darts = 150 per member per day = 20 minutes gameplay)
  • most alliances make 5 exploration, 4 defense. None of them makes opossite: 4-5. Which suggests that battles are too hard

Switching this goals (so 2000 battles and 4000 takedowns for final level) causes:

  • you need 2 takedowns for one battle (by average), so for one win one loose to 1. Seems very balanced
  • players will need to focus on battles to make takedowns which resolve problem of arena dropers making battles for alliance (you make week dino squad and in 1 minute lose battle = 60 battles per hour, after that switch for standard team and became pain for opponents way bellow your team)
  • 5 lvl defense is reacheable
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Has the number changed recently? My active alliance hasn’t gotten past the t3 battles quest since the update.

No it was from begining. After the update some people just quit…