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Alliance Missions - Communism Ideal


Communism is where everyone is to work together for the common good of everyone. In alliance missions it’s to work together to achieve the top rank of 5 and top rewards.

As always… and you will all see. You’re going to end up with the top 20% doing 80% of the work while your going to get the bottom 80% getting the benefit for their meager effort… if any from some.

So in the end… Either the top performers leave their alliance for another or just stop playing all that hard. Then the bottom 80% will complain when their alliance stops getting the rank 5 rewards.

Then some lowest of the low performers will leave to go mooch off some other high performing alliance. (human nature)

Give this 6 weeks or so and we will be calling for rank rewards dealt out based on individual effort (Capitalism). Socialism always fails. It’s just a matter of time. Always… always fails.


Honestly there needs to be tools in place to prevents someone from being inactive and still being able to recieve rewards… right now you can litterally log on a few times a day donate some dna… request some dna… and appear active and still recieve rewards. Leaders still dont have tools in place to see any kind of activity other then you know some people are working harder then others.


The missions took time and effort to orchestrate and I do like the missions. It does seem like more people are involved than I thought there would be. Im tired of feeling like a babysitter though.

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Maybe we should have top 5 NON contributors in each mission, showing the exact contributed figure of each mission.
Leaders can decide to remain or remove them.

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