Alliance missions / does collecting continue...?

I just wonder something regarding the alliance missions … does collecting continue and is later transferred to the next upper rank when we complete the rank level task while we wait for the other tasks to be completed?

If I understand you @anon31474549, you are asking whether continue playing the game will carry over your efforts into the next rank while you complete the current one, correct?

If that is so, then it’s a no. Until you complete the current entire rank tasks, you won’t be able to start on the next one. There is no carryover since it hasn’t picked your next tasks yet. It does this once you complete the rank you are in now.


It is a pity that way. I am unfortunately in an alliance of 50 but like the example, only 15 daily incubators was opened today which means that only 15 of 50 are “players”. Now we are stuck to daily incubators no matter how much we collect.

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I feel your struggle @Buggy, this is something that limits the ability of the alliance with lower active members. Can you imagine seeing this task for several ranks? It goes qualification round = 3 daily battle incubators, then Rank 1 = 30, Rank 2 = 45, Rank 3 = 60, Rank 4 = 90, not sure on rank 5 since our alliance never reached it. Rank 1/2 can be done in 1 day with 50 active members easily. Rank 3/4 will require a 2nd day just to complete so yes it’s really the most difficult task in addition to the 60k Epic DNA Advanced Extraction. It is what it is…lol

Have a look at our alliance’s post if you have any further questions on the alliance missions and whatnot: FAQ: Alliance Missions Coin/Cash/DNA Amounts and Tasks


I’m not sure what you are basing your information on. In my experience with the last missions, when the next rank was achieved, we didn’t start all tasks at zero. There was value in the ones that previously completed.

That is true what you are saying. If your alliance already achieved the next rank but you personally haven’t pressed the upgrade button nor collected the task rewards, then the progress is already in motion for the next mission. You are just late to the ball game. Once you collect your task rewards and press upgrade you will see progress bars already. This is verified information I’m providing so if you disagree maybe you can verify with your alliance and see if the above is true.

If one of the tasks isn’t completed like in Buggy’s case they cannot start any tasks in the next rank.

I’ve learned my lesson from another post before from providing wrong info. I’m not here to argue with anyone just trying to help those that ask for it.

I purchased coins during the last mission set.
I’m basing my information on the following circumstances: The coins I purchased were enough to give me credit for largest contributor in the rank coins were purchased in, along with the next rank. Coins were not the category needed to complete that rank.

I am my alliance leader, I kept pretty good track

That said, I don’t believe ANYONE really knows how this is working at this point, because it hasn’t worked properly at this point in time.

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Unfortunately not.

@Jonny5, like I said I don’t want to argue, but I’ll help everyone understand this easily as I just caught both examples in action right now with our alliance. I don’t claim to be good at anything but I will defend against folks that want to argue.

In the picture below, we have not completed Exploration Rank 2 yet, but once the last darts were done for our task #2, and I pressed upgrade rank right away you can see all tasks start at 0. (I got 1k more coins from collecting the last task for exploration as well to show I haven’t done much but just cheer on my alliance folks). There is no carryover!

In Defense Rank 1 you can see I’ve collected all the tasks, but I have not pressed the upgrade intentionally, once I did, you can see there’s already progress. That’s because you are late to helping out the mission in that rank, no biggie, just catch up and start contributing.


This is correct. I made the same observations.

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Thank you for your confirmation @giardinoni.

I’m not saying you’re wrong. However, what you state as your findings due to observation does not explain my experience with the coins category.

It’s possible your observations are merely due to the all too common visual glitch.

Both…ALL… our onions are based on observation of game behavior.

One thing we do know is that can not be trusted in this game.

It’s fine. It’s quite possible that you’re not the only one purchasing coins as some of these tasks fly across completion and once they do, the next set of tasks start immediately. It wasn’t easy doing isolated testing with these items but my alliance folks were really helpful and I’m not going to make fools out of us by posting wrong information without confirmation.

I’m not sure how you’re keeping track exactly but I don’t doubt your leadership abilities. I’m not a leader. I’m just an observer that likes to help out since this alliance became a thing. Normally, I wouldn’t help after the last embarrassment. Nonetheless, the topic has been answered and I’ll leave it at that. I’ll let you observe those visual glitches and hopefully they’ll get fixed.

It is possible that you were not observing at the right time (time = 0). When you complete and close previous rank and the next start.
That would explain that you observed progress, because an event such as opening an incubator one second after the ranks moved upwards added a count to the progress.

In any case, I agree that the feature doesn’t work properly and missleading behaviours are possible.

I’m sure you didn’t understand what I stated.

I purchased coins once. This purchase counted for two ranks, as I was designated the biggest contributor for both ranks, with one purchase.

Unless you have some other explanation for others in my alliance making coin purchases that…I don’t know how you came to your conclusion…counted towards my accomplishments?

By all means, please explain.

Perhaps purchased items perform differently? As with purchased darts, you can have more than the standard 140.

I can confirm with DNA collection and darts fired, they do not ‘roll over’ to the next level. We completed the DNA collection but not darts fired. I gathered over 40k of DNA myself while filling the darts fired mission. When it rolled over, the DNA was at a few hundred. DNA in incubators counts towards that mission. We had battlers opening their incubators to get that count in Defense as well as strike tower incubator DNA.

Unless there was a several hour delay in reporting my contribution, that I cannot confirm as I did not keep checking it every few minutes.

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