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Alliance missions ended early


What happened? The alliance missions just ended five hours early. Then we were set back to level one. This is awful!

Alliance missions ended early again
Lost my team rank in the missions. We should be RANK 4 but ii now says Rank 1

Same here. We were an hour, maybe two from hitting rank 5.

We should have had 5 hours left. It ended, showed 0 min and 0 seconds… Now we’re reset again and it shows not quite 5 hours left again.



My alliance missions just reset at 8 PM est.

We were 14 battles from rank 4 pvp.

New set are up with a reset counter that ends at 1am est


This is where we were

This is where we are now :thinking:smh


Same here, I just got my incubators early. But we’re already to level 1 exploration so figure if we get the 100 sino, plus what I already collected, I’m better of than I would have been without the glitch.

I assume that’s the same for everyone if we get the reset incubator too.


I tried to bet my son 3 hours of chores that they’d be screwed up in one way or another… he was smart enough not to take it. Oh well! :joy::smirk::man_facepalming:


I had the same issue. We were a couple hours away from rank 4 in exploration and it broke… :disappointed_relieved:

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How difficult is it to get the alliance missions working properly! This is ridiculous.


But they spent a whole week “testing” it :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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it really isnt good enough. My alliance was 50 battles off hitting lvl 4. We had our team members battling all morning to ensure we reached lvl 4. and now this!




Were players able to collect the incubator rewards at least?


yes we were able to collect.


Yes incubators were opened, but some alliances were close to getting rank 5 and now can’t. Although the missions started again, so anyone that has rank 1, well we may end up getting the new ones at the end of the actual timer in a few hours, which would mean you’d get the equivalent of a rank 5 anyway.


I was only 3000 DNA away from taking rank 4 exploration.


im trying to get rank 7 rewards before that timer is up.


It sucks but nothing we can do about it.

Now it’s reset but says only 4 hours left.


Same here… we were so close!! Some members, including me, bought scent capsules trying to complete the missions left.


Were already rank 2 again :joy: maybe rank 3 by the time this is up. ill take 800 sino :ok_hand:


It seems that now we only have 3hrs and 30 mins to finish new missions? lol