Alliance missions ended too early

Hi team of support!

Why did the alliance missions ended too early? We only needed 78 battles to get 10/10 and we officially had 20 minutes left. It’s very disappointing when you’re working together to reach your goal and things like this happen :sweat_smile:

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Same, we had to dart less than a 1k worth, & got shut down for a level 10 incubator, shame on you for ending early.

It didnt even end at 9. It ended at like 8:45. And it says its ending in 57 min so may reset again.

Yeah there’s a glitch on the daily gift tab too, showing on mine ready to collect, even though I’ve had today’s,


It’s properly messed up, we have claimed today’s rewards, but the timer says 51 mins left !

We had our daylight savings in canada this wknd so im sure thats why its messed up. But im pretty sure it happens every daylight savings time so not sure why they cant figure it out.

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Good Monday to you all. We’re investigating the issue.

Please reach out to our support team -


Could daight saving time have anything to do with it?

Like it has on multiple occasions in the past?

Cool. They just restarted. I wasted all my interactions and daily battle incubators that I saved for the reset.

What’s going on?

I have no rewards to collect, they’ve disappeared!

Wow Ludia ……

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Rank 9 in defense and exploration were gone at 15:00 UTC. Then got rewarded some trash rank 1 incubator. The end of DST seems difficult to handle for the dev team… @Ned

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I have the same problem

Came here to say the same. Went to collect the week’s rewards and they were gone. Other alliance members reporting the same.

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This is just so typical…. I ended up with rank 1 rewards when we hit 10/8 …. Come on Ludia what’s going on?

At the end/beginning of the week (today), the weekly reward simply disappeared without being able to claim it. The new week is reset and there’s no way to claim the earned rewards. Spoke to Clan members, many people with same issue.


Same Here too…

Same problem but the alliance tournament rewards also just disappeared before I could collect them

This happened to more than one person in my alliance. They went to collect their weekly incubator of DNA and then they got one small common incubator (the smallest one available). Could you guys get on this because some people need the DNA @Ned

Same for me and many in my alliance.

I have the same problem. I also can’t collect the daily gift and our alliance tournament rewards disappeared before they were collected. My supply drops and strike events at my house also drastically shrunk in number and the few remaining moved to right outside of my reach. Please fix this asap