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Alliance Missions - Group & Contributor Reward System

In order to reward players who contribute more yet also help alliance members who for location and life reasons can’t contribute as much the below system will separately reward your contributions and your team effort to achieve as much as you can.

Cash, Coins, Boosts and DNA rewards are based on the percentage (%) of what your personal and your alliance obtains by the end of the week. This is not a rank system. If you and your alliance achieves 50% of the max, you and your alliance will get 50% of the reward.

Your personal effort is 10% of the alliance effort. Say both you and your alliance hit the max on coins and the reward for max coins is 20000 coins, your effort gives you an extra 2000 coins for a total of 22000. If you and your alliance max out the alliance portion, you can still work on your personal contribution for more reward.

This would be example max rewards for each item:
Coin Collection would be 20,000/2000 Coins
DNA Collection would be 500/50 Cash
Common DNA Collection would be 5000/500 Common DNA
Rare DNA Collection would be 1500/150 DNA
Epic DNA Collection would be 500/50 DNA
Fire Darts would be 500/50 Cash
Direct Hits would be 100/10 of one of the 3 Boosts (because this is the hardest of the exploration)
Open Supply Drops would be 20,000/2000 Coins

This example is exploration only and the same kind of rewards would be given for Defence Missions and reward amounts for personal contribution and alliance would be decided by Ludia of course.