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Alliance Missions Novelty is Wearing

I can see just how progress in my alliance missions are going that the novelty of this is wearing.

I did a trophy check last night and a whole lot of players who were super active the last couple weeks have not even battled once.

The darting and daily battling has slowed to a craw.

Personally I don’t like to PvP but pushed myself for the alliance to do it for the daily incubator mission. I don’t do it to win for incubators but do win the average 50% of battles.

If you don’t see the novelty wearing in your alliance yet. It will happen. A person can only go, go, go for so long before burning out.

I hope Ludia will look at our overall progress as time goes and adjust the numbers down on some of the mission amounts. Some of the large amounts for an extra 100 epic just isn’t worth the effort.

idk about your alliance but sand dunes goes ballstothe wall. especially for the sino. the defense portion may go a little slower but thats because some of those goals are higher plus not everyone enjoyed the arenas even before the missions. add draco and motivation is even lower but im speaking for myself.


Sounds more like an alliance problem than an alliance mission problem. Recruiting even a handful of active players could do wonders for that alliance mission progress.

It is getting old.

My alliance is doing it, but the novelty has lost it’s luster.

Of course the top teams alliances are going ballstothe wall, but they hardly represent the average team.

The arena is broken.
Migrations just don’t happen.
Unresolved bugs.
Cheater support pages are more active than the official game forum.
No real way to tell how many people are active in your alliance.

But hey! Let’s start a new season!

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Nobody wants to flog their guts out for the same dna every time. They don’t need it. Some of us in my alliance are putting in the hard yards but the longer this goes on the less progress we’re making. I’m tired of it now, so I don’t feel right trying to push people to do more battling.

A game has to be really special for people to want to play for hours on end. Take Fortnite for example. I’ve played it a bit, and I can understand why it hooks people by making them feel they can win, if they keep trying. This game is good, but it’s not great, there’s no incentive in battling for hours to get the dna you’ve already got too much of.

What we really needs is better information. How about the alliance leader being able to see the top 10 on each alliance mission task? Valuable information. Or people with a zero score? Can’t be that hard??

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Well, in the end last week, we actually made Rank 4 and 3 again but it took all the way till late Sunday. To help, we had 48 of 50 members active during the last week. The 2 inactive ones (inactive for over 2 weeks) were just replaced the last couple days.

The previous weeks we had done it with 38 to 42 active members. We’ve been slowly kicking the inactive as new players requested to join. The extra bodies do help.

You do not HAVE to do them and you do not HAVE to work harder to make that next Rank. Just play as y’all normally do and if you get something extra, great. If not, nothing to worry about.

I really can’t see why folks are griping about something they are not forced to participate in. Don’t like to battle? Don’t do the Defense part. Only like to battle and do not like darting? Don’t do the Exploration part. Don’t want to receive the same old DNA week after week, don’t click the collect button. Don’t think that 100 DNA is worth a little more effort to reach, don’t give it that effort. Don’t like the thought of having Missions, ignore they exist.

Think of it as Ludia trying to reward those people who do enjoy playing and are willing to play more for that reward. If they lower the mission goals to the lowest common denominator many alliances will be hitting Rank 5 in two days. If your alliance is not battling or darting anything, it might not be because of the Missions, they might just be tired of the game. Folks do tire of games and move on. If everyone feels it is that horrible, dissolve the alliance and move on.

My Alliance regularly hits Rank 5 in Exploration just playing. We do not have to give it any extra effort, we just enjoy that part of the game. With a little planning for Daily Incubators we hit Rank 4 in Defense. We have many folks who really like the battle aspect. If we cannot make a certain Rank one week due to whatever, it is not the end of the world for us. We move on and try again the next week.


Any open spots yet for a wayward dino darter and his offspring? :sunglasses:

It would be nice if they’d change it a little. Half of the dna you work for is pointless and doesn’t evolve to anything, and after this third round the novelty is gone.

I think everyone is poop out now. I know I’m loosing my enthusiasm. The last few days, we’re barely getting even 1000 darts. It took 3 days to get 30 daily incubators. I went though the list and I have more players who quit playing on top of the zeros. I’m just naturally gravitating away as anyone. But, hey, I stuck with this longer than Pokemon.

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Hate to say it mate, but alliance missions are just an extension of the game. If you’re getting burnt out your issue is with the general gameplay. Alliance missions are a reward for playing the game. Sure too rank requires active people but the rewards themselves are fine. People are just tired of the grind. I recommend you take some time off from the game and if you come back great, if not you had a good run. But please for the love of nerfs leave the missions out of this, they are not the cause of your burnout.


We don’t seem to have that problem. In fact, we have a sort of “friendly competition” going with a couple of other alliances to see who can achieve each rank the fastest. It seems like the missions are just an extension of what you would do in normal game play so I agree that it’s not the missions, it’s the game you are obviously getting burnt out on.


Maybe if they swapped the carno out for Irritator DNA things might perk up


We reached rank 5 with 4 days remaining :slight_smile: You need to motivate your players, introduce fun chats and get them involved, and by all means kick out players that haven’t been online for weeks.

My alliance is having a mini tournament only using certain dinos. I’m not playing because the job I’m doing at the moment takes alot of my time but it’s a cool idea

We aren’t allowed to tire of the game, it’s poor sportsmanship.
You must only speak highly of the game, or not at all.

Everything is wonderful with this game, it must be only your alliance is suffering!

Perhaps it is just your choice of dinos that is killing your enthusiasm!
Get rid of the ones that are RNG dependent and you will flourish!
You’ll rise up the ranks and stay right where you belong!


This game is VERY exciting, rewarding and enjoyable in its current state!

Why perpetuate misery … the old adage if you have nothing nice to say why say anything holds true …

I can’t imagine why either Orion or Johnny are still around posting about something they both dislike. Anyone else would have just deleted the app and moved on to something that they did enjoy doing.


I like(d) the game.
I dislike the current state.

That saying “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything” is for the weak. That not how the real world works.

Hoping the next update brings real change.

Myself? I’ve been divorced. I no longer just accept that which is subpar or does not suit my needs, without speaking up. Weakly accepting subpar services is not my thing. I speak up now, and have learned life treats you much better than when you simply do not complain about that which is unacceptable.