Alliance missions rewards wrong

In defense and exploration, i received the Dinos from last week!


Yup, same here. These are the wrong rewards.

And, again, same here. Come on Ludia.

Same for me

Wrong rewards AGAIN?
Somebody at Ludia HQ really really likes Dimodactylus. But I don’t!
I have worked with my alliance hard to get my rewards, and get some useless DNA instead. Again.
It’s not funny!


Yep, pteranodon and dymodactyl again😂

Wrong rewards here as well. Extremely frustrating. The lack of quality control is pretty wild. What justifies continuing to support the game through VIP level?!


not a week without mistakes🤦🏼‍♂️


Yup same here

same problem here

Same problem… Again and again and again… Why Ludia??

@Ned @E.D a little help here pls

Anyone else know how they usually solve this problem. I really need the Stygi

The last time this happened, they sent out incorrect rewards first! Overall it took about 10 days for them to send out the correct incubators. They’ll fix it but it will take time. Make sure you note the levels and amounts so you’ll get the correct DNA.

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Same here. Wrong Alliance Missions rewards. Please resend the correct ones. Thank you!

Thanks, Indo

The solution to this issue is clearly to stop showing us the rewards ahead of time, that way we’ll be happy regardless of what we receive. Even better would be to only collect on one of the 10 possible rewards to be consistent with the newly improved treasure chases, every player I’ve talked to appreciates that new reward as well. The code can stay the same, really it’s a win-win for everyone

If they fixed it once, now they know how to fix it a second time. Hope that’ll save them some time.

Same issue here for everyone in my alliance as well!

Had to create an account for this. This is the second time you got the alliance rewards wrong… me and my team worked hard for Styg. but got Pterandon instead. Hugely disappointing. Alliance rewards rank: 6 for defense and 7 for exploration. Can you please correct this?