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Alliance missions still not working

The alliance missions should be stopped now. It should be relaunched after fixing. It’s very unfair for those players who can’t play.


Even if your mission screen is at 0m 0s and doesn’t show anything, your darting/battling/etc count (happens to me, verified).
Let’s see if we end up getting the rewards though…

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Maybe they fix it with the downtime tomorrow :wink:

The reward is claimed directly from the screen, not by mail.
If they don’t fixed it before it ends…i wonder how we can claim with the screen totally freezed.

They “fixed” it for now so that people can spend money to play then they feed us some balogne that they are working hard to fix it. It’s working for me at the moment but I’m not getting my hopes up. It seems that they lack the mental capacity to test these things before they release them.

My alliance screen has been frozen for days. If I touch anything the app freezes and I have to shut it down.

What’s happening?

me too got stuck once you touch the the rewards screen