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Alliance Missions to Favor High Contributors


I would like the alliance missions changed to have less overall community reward and added rewards for the high contributors.
Pictured is an example of the “Daily Defense” mission for daily incubators:


Split the community reward in half with the other half that would need to be achieved by the individual. The blue shows the individual part with a max and below is the community’s total also showing the individuals contribution.

Once the max has been hit, the ##/### turns into a green “Collect” and can be collected like daily missions.

Also rather than having to hit the max by the end of the week before getting to collect. At the end of the week you can collect on the amount you accumulated. So if the individual or community only got half the amount of the 250 possible DNA on Sunday night, Monday morning, we would be able to collect the 125 we earned.

We could watch as the amount of DNA or Cash or Coins, what ever the reward for that particular mission increases slowly as we work at that mission item.

What I want to see is the high contributors get more at the end of the week than the low contributors. There needs to be rewards for the extra effort. This way if an individual wants some specific reward, they can go all out working on that particular one, even if others are not helping that much.


Lol I’d just quit my alliance. Sorry I can’t play this game 24/7.


I completely understand. The last two days, a bit of burnout is setting in for me and I’ve dialed way back. We are not pushing in my alliance and the novelty of the weekly missions is wearing off. It’s easy to tell. I expected this.

We started out hitting rank 4 exploration and 3 defense. We might hit 3 exploration and make 3 defense this week but I expect things to slow even more to maybe 3 and 2 or 2 and 2 unless they lower some things.

The way they do these missions, they are just burning everyone out.


You shouldn’t be ‘burning out’ on missions. Your Alliance rank will just reflect the amount of time each user plays. If you are in a casual player alliance you may not make Rank 5 every week. An alliance like that may only reach Rank 3 reliably. There is nothing wrong with that. A more active Alliance may reach Rank 5 easily, because more of the Alliance regularly puts more time into the game.

An Alliance where most members prefer to go out and dart will reach a lower rank in Defense than on Exploration. An Alliance that loves the thrill of battle may have trouble reaching Rank 4 in Exploration but reach Rank 5 in Defense easily.

If you make it mandatory that the Alliance put in the time to make Rank 5 every week then yes, users will tire of the grind. If you go a few weeks and see what rank the Alliance can reliably make, with regular play routines, that is what you should shoot for.

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