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Alliance Missions Week #2 Started


So it looks like some of us have noticed this already but it does appear that the game did restart the missions on it’s own and it’s all in progress! Start picking up the free cash and coins!

The rewards are the same as of now. Sino for the Exploration and Concavenator for Defense

Also, I’m going to use this opportunity to link up with this post:


It restarted for me more than an hour ago and I’m really disappointed with current rewards. I’m wondering if it’s another bug or rewards gonna be same for this week. If it’s going to be same then I’m totally disappointed

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I would assume it would be easy to swap out the rewards but some folks, like myself would actually like that sino again lol. Maybe they’ll give us two sets of dinos? lol. That will be awesome. I’m sure this reset wasn’t planned by a person. It’s automatic by the AI I’m guessing. So let’s see how they rectify it tomorrow. Hope to get our last week rewards ASAP! Next week darting is all dependent on what we got!


We’re already to rank 2 lol


Really? lol. Just made it past qualifying rounds! lol. Rank 1 is on!


When I logged in, I was able to collect all of the individual rewards for “qualification round” then got an inc with the rank 1 rewards… then it reset to the qualification round again.

I can only assume some bizarre stuff going on. Then again… pffft… :man_facepalming:


Currently we’re at rank 2 and collected the reward incubators of both missions. Don’t know what’s going on :expressionless:


I’d bet my rank 3 reward Ludia doesn’t either. :smiley:

Well, no difference. Time to hunt. :wink:


Hopefully they’ll reset it again in morning with new missions and rewards


I really do hope. It’s 2 in the morning on Sunday night/ Monday morning their time. Let’s hope the crew has an easy time of fixing it when work starts Monday


They appear to keep resetting.


Ours are working🤷‍♂️


2 hours in ours is working ok

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At first I could collect the achievements, now the seem to be frozen when trying to collect


We’re upgraded to rank3 in exploration mission but this time not able to open reward (rank2 incubator)


Mine reset a couple of minutes ago now progress isn’t increasing.


Did you recieve the reward for the last week mission?


As much as i like the free sino… if they dont rotate these rewards i total expect to see the sino line nerfed in 1.7

Plus the defense rewards are not really rewards at this point.


That, and sino has been an event dino SO many times, including next week.

My thing is, I got DNA rewards early this morning (8:30 am UK time) only for exploration and it was far less than where my alliance ranked. Very confusing.


They can keep sino all they want in these rewards i am gunning for utarinex as now it seems to be easy to create for me as i am l2 and see a fair amount of dracorex