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Alliance missions - what are exact rules?

Exploration seems ok: every DNA/coins (no matter from) is counted (hunt, event strike, rewards, etc.), darts are darts.

But defense:
Incubators: which one? free, battle, event strikes, from shop? Or every single one (alliance missions?)
Defeat creatures / battles: which one? friendly not? event strike? tournament?

All battles count for alliance mission. Same for incubators except the alliance incubator

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Friendly too???

Yup. Any time you click battle whether its friendly, strikes, or arena it counts as a battle and those dead dinos count for mission. The daily battle incubator only counts dead dinos from arena.

Donating DNA and coins recieved for donations count. DNA and coins recieved from rewards count. They just dont count as incubators

Tournament dinos should count towards dbi’s since we are technically in one most of the time. The main tourney or secondary shouldn’t matter.
Fusing dinos also counts towards rare and epic dna missions.