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Alliance missions


We are in the Explorations missions Rank 4.
I think it is very very difficult (if not impossible) to reach the 60.000 epic dna!! I think hardly any alliance has 50 active members and the active ones are not all high level. They will probably not reach a lot dna per catch. And it is very hard to find more than 2 or 3 epics a day. So how to reach 60.0000!


Its possible lot of alliances are already done with exploration


My alliance of 50 players have already reached Rank 4 for Exploration. We’re over half way to Rank 5 too. It is very achievable.


Yes^ were done with exploration and only 3 tasks left to complete before were done with defense


our alliance finished that part already. we are just wrapping up the defense portion of rank 4


We managed to finish rank 5 exploration yesterday. :smiley:

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Yep we need a little over 1000 battles, 35 more daily incus and 370 more incus total

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but hey… if you want to make it easier im ok with that too lol.


Yeah we’re done with exploration. It’s the 2000 battles that’s slowing us down.


I think you meant common not epic DNA. We’ve completed all exploration missions and as far as I remember I don’t think there was any epic DNA task.


Our rank4 was 1million dna and 300k rare dna. Dont remember the amount of darts to shoot or drops to spin


Rank 4 Exploration:

30,000 Darts

4,000 Supply Drops

1,250,000 Coins

300,000 Rare

1,000,000 DNA

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Definitely is an epic dna task.


It looks like they all vary then. Random.

We had the Epic on on step 2 or 3.


Your only other options will be to fuse Epic dino DNA (such as the new Procera or EdmoG), open incubators with epic dna, defeat towers and collect epic dna, and last resort is buy your way through epic incubators.

This is one of the more tough tasks definitely if you have a small alliance or few active members or you get it as a task at Rank 4! Getting Daily Defense for 3 ranks is a kick to the face = that’s 195 arena incubators after defeating 10 creatures!

Our alliance has been working hard on the missions and have discovered the following information that can be found here: FAQ: Alliance Missions Coin/Cash/DNA Amounts and Tasks

We have only 2 items left to test and a couple to re-confirm once we start next week Alliance Missions.


We have epic in Rank 3 also


Thats what we had too


Oh my bad I didn’t notice that. In that case we’ve already completed it :yum:


We are wrapping up rank 4 now, and have had 0 missions needing epic dna. Must be random reqs or something?


Yup random assignment. Each alliance does not get the same exact 5.