Alliance Name and Statement Bug

Hello i am looking for a dev’s help. I am leader of the Alliance Isla Priscus (Island Primordial). The Alliance was created fine and has been operating for months now, but now as I’m trying to adjust the alliance statement it now says two things 1. The name is against Community Guidelines (but it still lets the name stay).
2. When i try to add the following to my statement it says it is against community guidelines and wont allow the change to happen “We are a multinational-cultural alliance where all are welcomed”.

Please help as i am trying to just be more inviting to new players looking for a Alliance to join. Thank you, Saber32

Hey there, @Saber32, in order for our support team to help you with this, send them an e-mail at Be sure to include you support key in the email so that they can locate you faster in their system.