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Alliance needed for end game player

I’m currently at #790 in arena and looking for an alliance with good sanctuaries and raid activity

Hey man I have a spot.

Bump! Contact Phil!

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HI Brian,

We are a really friendly alliance with an active discord community where people are making new friends from across the world.

Mortem Rex Raids:

We have a raid channel set up for better coordination of raids there are always members online dedicated to helping everyone get a win, even those with lower level dinos.

Although a friendly alliance, we do have a few rules:

-Must kill 10 creatures in every tournament

-Must open 10 kill battle incubator everyday

-Try to unlock all personal daily missions everyday

-Must not open your weekly alliance rewards until later in the week as this allows us to reach level 10 for exploration each week.

In the process of setting up level 20 sanctuary’s. We will hopefully have access to 3 very soon!

If you request to join MmmNoodleSoup - I will let you in :slight_smile:


Hi … if you are still looking , please visit this page

I am sure you wish to improve your gaming experience and I think my alliance would be a great place to do that.