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Alliance needed

I have been playing this game from day 1. I worked at Universal when it launched and they had us test it. I was asked to join an alliance when they started and have been with them the whole time. I’m board with that group. They are all beginners and are in a different time zone then me. So I never get to raid. I have done like 3.

About me. 5200 battle score. 8 lvl 30 dinos. Always do my daily +. Not a fan of tournaments unless they are not restricted. But will get my 10 for the alliance or more if needed . If you have an alliance that donates and shares, if your alliance raids between 6 and 10pm EST mon/fri I’m interested.

Player name: MrJeff

Just messaged you @Jeff_Welch

Can you add me on discord? Leon#1947

my verywaitjurassicfefs if you are interested

You can join us here for raids and for more info of the alliance. We have spaces open

Hi there! We are a very active alliance and we just had a few spots open up. We do require discord but our server is super organized and has lots of perks. We would love to have you join!

Thank you for the offer I have already joined a different group

OP found an Alliance