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Alliance needed

I have been playing this game from day 1. I worked at Universal when it launched and they had us test it. I was asked to join an alliance when they started and have been with them the whole time. I’m board with that group. They are all beginners and are in a different time zone then me. So I never get to raid. I have done like 3.

About me. 5200 battle score. 8 lvl 30 dinos. Always do my daily +. Not a fan of tournaments unless they are not restricted. But will get my 10 for the alliance or more if needed . If you have an alliance that donates and shares, if your alliance raids between 6 and 10pm EST mon/fri I’m interested.

Player name: MrJeff

Just messaged you @Jeff_Welch

Can you add me on discord? Leon#1947

my verywaitjurassicfefs if you are interested

You can join us here for raids and for more info of the alliance. We have spaces open