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Alliance Needing More Active Players


Our Alliance is Raptor Hunters a US based Alliance with membership being global. We like donating DNA so it goes without saying please donate as well.
We have a Discord Server that is a requirement unless otherwise stated.
To join our Alliance please find me on Discord. My Tag is Trimelr#2126

We look forward to having you in a wonderful Alliance with wonderful people


Great alliance! Looking for some active players.


Raptor Hunters is about to do a purge of inactive players. This is a great group of people that love to help and communicate. If you are like minded, we’d love to add you. Please contact Trimelr#2126 on discord if interested. Thank you!


BTW my Discord Tag is Trimelr#2126
:laughing: In all seriousness or joking manner we are an friendly Alliance.

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We are clearing some of our members out so if your an active player needing a good Alliance. We are here, We are waiting.

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