Alliance not working

So, this past 2 weeks my alliance chat is not working. And it cost me my spot in my alliance. Also, my donations have not been working in the past week. I joined a new alliance, with ony one ither member and i am getting notifications about requests from my older, more robust alliance. I am kind of annoyed that this is messing up and was wondering about a fix. My current chat in my new alliance with 1 other persin is also not working. So i dont know if donations are working in new alliance either.

I currently have to log out and back into the game to get the chat and donation features to work… Every time I play.


Same, I’m worried I’ll get kicked out of mine for not donating/chatting as much, but it’s because the feature is so buggy I can’t do either 70% of the time.

And now, im getting dna requests from my old alliance and they are working. Its so weird.

I’ve also noticed I have to close and reopen the game at least once, often twice, before my message sends.

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Hey Fluofontis, there was an issue related to Alliances that was not displaying some information correctly such as DNA request or the chat history, our team is still looking into it and we’ll try to give everyone an update once there is more information.