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There should be some settings put into place for Alliances, where you you have an alliance leader then you have some Alliance admins/officers set, where you can have an alliance setting where you can either choose to have an alliance set to allow all members to invite new players or invites set by alliance leader or admins/officers.

Why is there no rank or admin in alliances?

Definitely. I mean only the leader can remove members. So why can’t he be the one to accept invites. Or be the final say


More guild managment options would be great. :sunglasses:


But judging by the current status of this update, I think there’s a lot that needs to be addressed :joy:

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Yeah alliances were their big push for the update… atleast thats what they were tring to hype on social media… but they implemented them really barebones. Would be nice for some more options in general

This update should have been called the irritator gen 2 update because now instead of being in every incubator he is now on every street i have been on since the update went live…


5 “officers” would be enough, just pick the more active players from the guild.

They should be able to accept allegiance requests and mute unruly players when necessary. They should in no means have the power to kick players though. That should remain creator only. I feel that is very important!


Yes I just got request from the leader… let’s do this team…


I disagree… if im going to give someone the power to add members i would want that person to also have the power to remove them when Im unavailable. With the exception of other officers and higher.


Not I. Its been abused too many times in other games. Officer dismantles the guild and creator logs into a nightmare. I would like to see that function left to the creator, as it is now.

A mute will suffice until the leader logs in imo.

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Looking for people to join my alliance - RaptorPaddock


Best solution would be give the option to set permision for ranks as the leader chooses… so we can both have our way…

Or they can just set a kick limit ie clash royal… after you kick 2 people there is like a 3 hour cool down…


Either one would work for me. :wink:

Its sad but the reality is that there are people who get off doing sneaky underhanded things just like what I was talking about. Sometimes it even makes headlines in the news…cough, Eve Online, cough.

Guilds have also been destroyed over simple arguments where someone with kick permissions gets disgruntled and goes to work in the middle of the night ro take it down. :expressionless:


Eve is kinda a bad example though the ccp encourages that kind of stuff… they can easily prevent those things with simple safeguards but the player base would revolt… that kinda betrayal stuff is what they live for… that and monocles.

Like i said in clash royal… only person who can mass kick like that is the leader and maybe co-leaders


Well with recent events of players troll inviting other players to Alliances, I believe these kind of options/settings are much more worth looking into for the next patch update


Its something i assumed would launch with alliances. Most games have something along these lines


I’m dying for the ability to promote officers. I would love someone on to be able to add/kick in my absence. I have several trusted folks I’d promote immediately if this feature was added.

I know this thread is Alliance related, but perhaps it would be better placed on Suggestions? :thinking:


Tbh I’m surprised this feature hasn’t been added yet. Ludia hasn’t actually made any new additions ever since they launched alliances


Ludia seems to think one hit all patch every two months is the answer… i think they should be split up… two months without any improvements is quite long…hopefully 1.6 brings alliance fixes among other things


I agree completely with the OP on this.

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@Jorge @Ned @Jason @J.C if not in 1.6, are there any plans in the future on incorporating this aspect to alliances?