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Alliance +Plus Rank 4 incubator


Player with 4000+ trophies looking for an alliance that gets atleast Rank 4+ incubator in alliance missions every week? My alliance is decent but not every one completes daily missions nd want to only join alliance that has every body in it who completes daily missions, if that’s you leave alliance name in comments or request me under the name “ KavEnn #5019


Hi. don’t settle for rank 4 on sino.


Have you found an alliance?


Our alliance consistently completing 5(exploration) - 4(defence) missions. It’s " Lord of Jurassic World". If you’re interested then msg me :slight_smile:


@Nath_Kav Don’t settle for the KillerRaptors either. Send a message if interested.


You’re funny jealous dude. You just have to send me a join request if you are that curious about how my alliance performs.


No I’m still in my alliance for time being im looking to join one straight after this week finishes, who consistently gets the highest incubators? My gf plays aswell so will need a space in alliance for her aswell


My group currently does not meet your requested amount we are working on growing ourselves but we are currently locked in at level 3 on both. We the interest to join we have a stronger group… I’ve recruited 2 new members today already. The goal is growing the Alliance to a strong winning group ! You are more than welcome to come join the Family as well as the other half. My girlfriend and I are both on this team as well…