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Alliance problems taking advantage of hard working players


I noticed people try to join alliances only for donations and then leave they will also join right before the missions end claiming rewards others worked hard for I’m not sure if this has been happening in anyone else’s alliance or if I just gave you this idea. I would love to see a way to prevent this like day requirements before requesting and limit joining just for alliance mission rewards


I believe that you receive rewards of your former alliance, but I might be wrong here. In any case, don’t take in new players until after the rewards were delivered and problem sorted.


That’s not correct. Once you leave an alliance you are ineligible for any earned rewards. Even if you remain a free agent, you get nothing.

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything you can do to prevent people joining just to get free rewards they didn’t earn. Just have an alliance leader who pays attention is the only preventative measure you can take.

I think if they pay attention, the rewards should go where they belong. If not, people will leave.


Whatever alliance ur in when the rewards are received is what you get. All past alliances rewards are forfeited.


If you’re not in an alliance u get nothing. Doesn’t matter when or what u contributed to an alliance u were in previously

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