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Alliance Purge and Rebuilding! Join us!

Hey everyone, I’ve been grinding this game since January and have been running an alliance known as SurveyCorps that typically reached 3/3 almost hitting 4/4. Unfortunately, even with 50 team members (about 15-20 active) we’ve sunk down to barely hitting the 3/2 and it’s literally me just across the board as the top contributor…

So this week I’m purging all of my inactives and looking to fill their spots to help us grow into a stronger team. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR TROPHY COUNT! I cannot understand why people get so bent out of shape about it.

As long as you are a committed, DAILY player, get your daily incubator, fight (yes even for friendlies) and dart everything you see you are absolutely welcome. The only thing I would ever kick you for is inactivity or harassment (and I’ve never had that issue) We donate as much as we can and are a chill group.

I do not have time to run a Discord/Facebook to hover over you guys, but come on frequently throughout the day to keep hunting and help out where I can.

It’ll take some time to rebuild the alliance with dedicated players, but I know it can be done- if you are interested in joining reply to this thread with your tag and send a request to SurveyCorps and I’ll add you. My tag is UnkemptLenses.

Ps. I’m opening the spots up this coming Monday, as to give my current members a fair heads up about the change, so if you do want to join I’ll be adding you then. :slight_smile:

Oh, unkempt. Hugs and kisses!