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Alliance Ranking according to Missions


The Alliance I am in “Goldie The Indoraptors” for this week hit Rank 4 Exploration and Rank 3 in Defence. So Goldie The Indoraptors ranking is “4-3”.

We are a 4-3 Rank Alliance.

To be more specific at looking at what we could do by the end of the day, we are not going to get any more items in these ranks except one in the defense.

To do a more specific ranking, we are a 4.0-3.1. We did well. We had an 82% participation rate. Our players range from light to heavy players but no ‘hard core’ people except maybe one. I doubt we will ever make the 5-5 ranking which is the absolute top.

How does your alliance rank? Maybe someone can post a survey tomorrow when this week is all done.


We’ve been done with exploration for nearly 3 days. It’s going to come down to about the last 10 minutes if we finish the number of battles for defense rank 5


4k battles and 2k incus is a tall order for just one set of missions imo

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We’re 4-3 but might be able to get 4-4 if we get enough battles in.


We’re 5-4.
4000 battles are too much. It took us 2.5 days to complete 2000 battle for rank4 defence. 4000 is totally impossible

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Dazed Dinos II, which has 48 active members (up to 5,162 trophies), is 5-4. We reached 5 on Exploration 2 or 3 days ago, but like pp said, the 4,000 battle requirement for Defense is a bit much… I hope Ludia will reconsider/adjust this requirement.


Not impossible we only have 600 battles to go. Defintely doable. Have to grind hard, but doable


Kelliance is 5-4 getting close to 5-5 but it’s looking slim


For that you need lots of dedication and time. Plus reward (conva) already demotivated us so we’re not trying hard for rank 5.


We are a 5-3 Alliance.

Completed rank 5 in Exploration this morning. Daily incubators are our Achilles heel as we are a family alliance with only 25 reliable dailies. We are struggling to get the 2,000 battles in for Rank 3 Defense but should be able to get them in by tonight. We went into battle mode this morning!

We all agree that 5-3 is acceptable if we can reliably achieve it. We see no reason to force the young’uns to have to get a daily nor do the adults feel it is right to do it for them. The Alliance was formed to accommodate family so there is no kicking them out for replacements just to get one more Rank. It is fine if they reap the rewards with minimal effort on their part.

And each of us has a part of the game we enjoy more. I love to get out and dart invisible critters, not so much to battle in the current meta. We have some that love the battle part and do not have time to go out and dart. Together we do what we can.


But it’s not going to always be conc dna. Remember that. There isn’t 30+ alliance mission incus coded for no reason


2-1. Gutting the alliance of all the inactives this tuesday.


Exactly, which is why they need to make some adjustments, especially the 4,000 battles. Our alliance is very active, but we can’t battle all day long… all the time. We’re also not arena dropping just to get more battles in (I’ve encountered some).


I hope they evaluate what people are having difficult time to accomplish like the darting, direct hits, number of battles and adjust them down a bit so they get accomplished more equally with the other mission items.

Hitting rank 4 in exploration was difficult because we were stuck on getting enough rare dna. There just wasn’t much for any spawns this morning… in range. It’s still winter but I did go out in the cold to get a few.


Exploration was easy we finished that with over 3 days to go. The defense is the only steep one


We’ve collected 120k rare for rank 4 and 80k epic, 1.6million DNA for rank5.


We had 450k rare and 1.6m total for our rank 5


I see a common theme here. We are 5-4 and not going to finish defense. 4000 battles is far too much by the time we got there.


Dino Hunters - 4-3 - 80% alliance participating. Kicked idle members so that the leeches didn’t get anything since they prevented us from getting better.


We Had an epic requirement for both 4 and 5 ranks. Are different alliances getting different tasks?