Alliance Ranks & Last Online

How come there are a lot of people, even my roommate now, who are labeled at a rank high score of 0 in our alliance. I know my roommate didn’t change anything about his high score though I also know the season has changed. I’m not talking about the tournament since I see a lot of topics about those high scores, talking about the alliance profile. I’m also wondering about the last online policy and how it works. I wanted to know if there are better ways now to seek out inactive players since even with more and more players, we have the same level incubators though we don’t want to kick out random players based on instinct.

It’s because they haven’t played in this season yet, so their trophies show as 0

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Everyone goes to 0 at season reset. U have to do a pvp battle to get a new score to show. Also i just go by last online. My rule is 4 days without being on or letting us know they wont b on cause of vacation or something. Besides that set up an organized chat on another platform to keep track.

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The season just reset, so if they didn’t battle, it will show they don’t have any trophies. You may need to battle a few times. It took it awhile for mine to show up

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Oh okay, thanks so much for the help guys~