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Alliance rebuild! Looking for acitve players, no level limit!

We going to rebuilt our alliance, because we stuck at 4/4 and 4/3. We have some very active players and looking for new ones. Now we have 10 free places and if we have oversubscribed, maybe there will be more.
Requirements: play everyday - do the daily missions. Help each other. It’s an international alliance, so don’t needed to speak English.
Alliance name: New Wave Predators
If you any questons, ask it!

Hey, me and my buddy are looking for new alliance, in our current alliance there are only few active players and we want better than that. We are aksing to join your alliance… My friend has 2900 trophies, i have 2000, we are very active, everyday, my tag: KNkenjac #4182
My buddy: Tenshigari#0443

I’ve been invited both of you.

Can you add us as friends first, we need to leave our current alliance

Yes, of course.

If your current alliance have other active players, we have free places for them too. :slight_smile: