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Alliance recruit

My alliance died…I needed to find an active alliance that didn’t want me to treat JWA like a second job. So I started one , Paleo Finks, if there’s only one, two, or more happily apply if you intend to play…

Legolas Greenleaf?

Correct, the only greenleaf

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I’m open to being recruited also. I have discord, just never used it. I’m not the chatty type. I like to hunt dinosaurs and battle…

Sent you pm

Wow, established alliances from the beginning are trying very hard to find good members. Too many imo are starting new ones, sorry if it sounds harsh. The missions in general are turning things into unpaid labor to gain an equivalent of a loaf of bread. I am the leader of a great alliance from the beginning and thankfully are full, but so many are struggling, great alliances with great leaders! It’s the game’s demands not the person running the alliance within the game. Sorry to vent and good luck!

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I have an alliance we are cleaning out and recruiting for. I ask that daily missions and daily battle incubators are done at least 5 days a week. I get we all have lives that dont revolve around the game. We would love to have you