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Alliance Recruiting Active Players


We are a full alliance looking to recruit a few active members. We reach rank 5 and 4 on the missions. Looking to strengthen the alliance and remove a few non actives. If you are interested in an easy 500 sino a week DM me. Thanks.


That goes for you too @Idgt902

You’re #1 on our recruiting list…



Extra lol


I think the wizard and muggle words are backwards on your cup.


Possibly. I’m #11 on the leaderboard. Where are you


Good luck trying to get one of the best players in the game to leave the hands down best alliance in the game to join whatever random alliance u represent lol


Really? Why aren’t you in the Apex Alliance then? Nerfasaurus.

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Because I’m in tearex :joy:


I know you are.

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Good luck. Maybe post ur alliance name. Might get more activity :man_shrugging:


And best of luck trying to pull idgt. Ur going to need it :v:


Great alliance and great group of players! Very hard working members


Any open spots ?