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Afternoon everyone.

We have a brand new international alliance.
We’re very active and expect all members to be the same. We donate generously and work together for the missions. In our previous alliance we ensured level 5 was reached each week.
Accepting 3.5k minimum. We have several top 500 players.

We are not meek and mild so you need a tough skin.
Please DM me with your details if interested. Or search for Ladygotfired




Group bullies people

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Great alliance

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Still got a few more spots. Get yourselves over to us. Guaranteed level five each week.


Join us u!!!


Good Evening dear. I’m sorry you felt bullied. Genuinely. Though we’re a little confused when your thought process changed? You were so excited to be included. You complained about the previous alliance leader and jumped right into the new alliance missions. We were most helpful with your team and strategy and now you feel bullied? All the best. Love always. We’ll miss you x

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Welcoming anyone into HouseStark alliance :+1:t2:


please make your own thread.


Thanks Lisa. Could you make your own post please? Unless of course you want to join our alliance? Don’t mean to come across rude it’s just that we’re looking for members for our alliance on this post. Thank you.


Well I may have fluttered as ours is small at the moment. But I know which one to avoid now, thanks :+1:t2: So friendly! :grin:

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how i am being rude I said please. geesh

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