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Alliance requests option


Something I feel like the game should add at some point is the option to request Epic DNA, but you would only be allowed to request it once every week. It would help some players who dont run into Epic creatures as much.


not a bad idea, the only problem is everyone would want the same epic dna :smiley: the ones that nobody find (kentro, anky, erliko, … )


Although theyve added ways to help get DNA the point is still suppose to be “go find it”. Requesting epic DNA will likely come but its a terrible idea because spoofers will be able to give DNA to unmarked accounts and then you have ill-gotten DNA washed clean. Youre supposed to need time to find things, its not suppose to be quick or easy

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Actually I’ve been getting lucky with finding all three of those dinosaurs lately, especially the kentrosaurus. The main epic dinosaurs I’m trying to find right now are darwinopterius and ouranosaurus (my hybrids almost at level 20). And what I’m thinking this is the only time you’ll be able to request it is on Sunday.

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Although Ankylosaurus recently just got a lot harder to find.