Alliance Rewards Blank

I don’t know if it is just me but the Alliance Rewards are showing blank for me. I even closed and reopened and it is still blank. Does anyone else have that problem?

Yes same issue

Same for me…

image image

Same here too.

Better than the actual rewards.
Concavenator, really?

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Just after the Quetz myself

A new week, new bugs.

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Hey everyone, our team is aware of this issue, and they’re working on a solution at the moment.


Thanks Ned! You da best.

I generally don’t open them until Wednesday. Is this going to be an issue for myself and my alliance?

Last time something similar happened, we got shorted on our rewards.

Should I direct everyone to open now?

I would like to know that too, I tend to open mine near the end of the week. So I hope it doesn’t mess up like before.

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Same issue for me

Same here. Had poor signal and figured it was wasn’t connecting properly.

Hopefully it is a whole new set of dinosaur rewards.

Nah it’s fine, it’s all fixed.

It’s the set that was announced to be.

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Thanks. I’ve found that now. :slight_smile: