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Alliance Rewards - change Majunga to Tarbo

Majunga is useless and so is his hybrid. Time for a change. Time to put Tarbo in its place

Lol look at the data, you want fierce alliance rewards.


Well Majunga is not exactly the poster dino for fierce. I have only encountered one in arena out of the time that I have played this game. I have over 40k of its DNA. It is useless. At least Tarbo has a better hybrid

No no really look at it you want fierce 1 and 2

I personally want Lockdown… grypo

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I am in Lockdown. I am almost out of there. Hopefully if I am lucky

So fierce 1 is good? Am I correct ?

I’m in Lockwood here is what I mean heh.

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Ah ok that is interesting to see.

Of course I would take fierce! But then all the babies crying about Thor are gonna get it worse because of Tarbo.

Personally I do not care what others think. It is all part of the game. It is not going to please everyone. I have a pretty sound team with new addition of Smilodon. Smilodon is a fun beast to use and he is one of the faster ones on my team

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I used Smilo alot in tournaments but I need to level it up where I’m at it needs to be lvl 23. Dailys will help with it. I also hope smilo gets a really weird hybrid with reptilian dna one day. That will be weird but possibly fun.

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A Smilodon hybrid? Now that will be interesting. Cue in the Smilodon hybrid suggestion posts. Lol

I think its why they put it as daily but I could be wrong. Maybe one day its getting a hybrid. I don’t want it to fuse with another mammal. I want it to fuse with a dino because of how weird it could be. Sometimes the strangest things are good. And Smilodons battle kit is more than equipped to make it interesting. There’s plenty of unused dinos that folks are maxed out on.

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