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Alliance rewards change (stars)?

Are those little stars on the alliance rewards new? I don’t remember them. Anyone know what they mean?

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They don’t make any sense to me. You would think the higher tier rewards would have more stars but they don’t.

Probably related to this…


Hmm. I don’t know about that. I’m level 20. So if it’s supposed to have something to do with that - it doesn’t make sense that I’d be having two stars on the lesser tier and only one on the highest tier - since i can’t get any higher

I’m pretty sure we all see the same pattern of 1 or 2 stars. The sample pic is the same as what I see


What are the stars on the alliance awards incubators for @Ned @E.D

I think players below a certain level are just 1 star and get reduced rewards. Above that level you get full rewards. Not keen on it myself. I’d rather everyone got the full amount.

As StoneCutter surmised, this is related to the Alliance Mission Rewards Segmentation and is not currently affecting your game other than in a visual sense.


So @John can you share what exactly does 1 star and 2 star mean?

I thought players at level 20 will get full rewards.

Coins are not adding on alliance rewards they’re frozen at 0

Well I am level 20 and showing 1 star on some ranks and 2 stars on other ranks so that’s weird , how can I get higher dna on one rank than another ? @John

Same here , level 20 and some incubators have only 1 star

Don’t worry about the stars. What you see this week means nothing for your rewards.

I’m sure we’ll get an explanation next week what it all means when the level based rewards are implemented.

As said, they are irrelevant, this week. I did notice that 1 stars become 2 stars when I click the incubators though.

It seems arbitrary actually. On both exploration and defense -

Tier 1 - 1 Star
Tier 2 - 2 Stars
Tier 3 - 1 Star
Tier 4 - 2 Stars
Tier 5 - 1 Star

I have no idea what that has to do with the rewards being tiered due to level (especially since I’m level 20) but at this point - it seems like wasted code. Nothing to worry about at least.

Well, if the game is limiting the dna collected due to player level, I don’t think that’s entirely fair. I know players that are not in the higher level tiers who contribute as much if not more than people who’ve been playing forever. I think Ludia would’ve been wise to keep the alliance rewards equal across the board.

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