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Alliance Rewards Change

This is solo topic aimed at talking about the pending alliance rewards nerf.

This is why it is a bad idea. A level 20 player may not contribute as much as a level 10 player for alliance missions solely due to style of play or enthusiasm. Punishing players for not wanting to level up their dinos faster is wrong.

We all know its a lot of work to make contributions based rewards system instead of flat rewards but the new one is worse than just giving the same.amount to all. It encourages lvl 20s to slack off and discourages lower level players from putting in more for.alliance. You want players to be more engaged not.less especially in the early to mid game.

My suggestion is not to implement this change and instead work on a contributions based reward system if you want to make it fair to those contributing. That combined with better leader tools will make Alliance missions more rewarding and fun.


I agree with what youve wrote… and Ill add anothet point… games like this with a serious grind to end game. Need to lower the barriers for new players as time goes on… high level player attrition is a real thing. New blood needs to be brought in to replace older players who have left for whatever reason.

Rather then lowering the barrier ludia has decided to raise it. Which only makes sense in one situation i can think of… pressure new players to spend to level up quickly to achieve max rewards.

It most likely bring about more attrition to the lower leveled players of the game and will hurt their long term growth.

Theyve got 6500 players currently between 5200-7k trophies right now. Last season there was 320k people playing at 90 trophies or higher… this season that number is 230k and for some mind boggling reason they think reducing rewards to people under 20 is a smart move.

Players will spend if the game is addictive. Alliances can create this addiction when a middle range alliance starts to push and the new members start to contribute and see their names on the top.contributor spaces, they will be hooked.

I stayed this long because of alliances. The endgame is getting repetitive and unhealthy. I want my hard workers to be rewarded and those leeching to be punished. Lvl 20 does not represent a good player just one who levels dinos. I hit level 20 because i thought it was better but it wasnt. Its just 1 less thing to work towards.

Sancs and alliance leading bring new fun and hopefully the new alliance changes will bring more fun. Ludia tends to go for the simple solution for a complex problem and then messes the game more.

The level based alliance rewards is very easy to code but it doesnt improve the alliance experience for anyone even the lvl 20s since they either have to work harder to.cover for the lower levels losing motivation or they accept lower rewards since the lower players do less.