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Alliance rewards halfway changed

Weren’t we supposed to get brachiosaurus again this week? Now I’m getting the saber tooth and some other stuff but still getting the other epic as last week.

I know they were doing that rebalance of rewards and all for lower level players but I didn’t know that the rewards were changing. I thought it was every 2 weeks?

Yeah they completely changed the rewards.

I suspect because it was meant to happen with 1.11 but because it was delayed a week it ended up halfway through the alliance rewards, so instead of keep what they had given us they chose to change it to what they intended to start with maybe.


Greedy ludia also changed the requirements. 100 incubators at rank 2 and only 50 battles required. @Phil @GPx.


That’s screwed up. I was really looking forward to that brachiosaurus dna but I’m getting that worthless cat and that useless amarg tank, again. Come on Ludia. Let’s finish the cycle then start the new rewards next week. I don’t care about the dna change I just want that brachiosaurus for 2 weeks like it should be.

@ned @john

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I’m even wondering now whether it is still changing every 2 weeks or every week now.

But the lack of communication on anything with this game is dreadful.


My rewards were correct today. Is it another case of timing when collecting?

No that was only the first week. The same rewards are meant to be this week too. We only had those for 1 week.

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What @GPx said. Today we received the correct rewards. This week’s goals should be the same as what we received today but now they are completely different because the newly implemented goal balancing thing. They never mentioned that the rewards would change when they changed the dna amounts and all.

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Brachi is supposed to continue this week.


the always useful amargocephalus two weeks in a row!!! :scream::scream::scream::grin::grin::grin:


@Dinocop you stole my thread with a legit issue. However my complaint is very valid too.

It’s probably screwed up for us all and you guys were the ones to catch it. I haven’t looked into my alliance stuff yet to know but we can’t grind like you guys :-/

No one grinds like the DracoHunter…lol


Hey guys, as @Phil mentioned, this thread isn’t about the darts. Let’s try to stay on topic!

For those of you experiencing the dart issue, please write in to support at and provide as much information as you can about the problem. Thanks!

In other words everyone playing the game email ludia support. As this is a global issue.

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@Dinocop how about you start a new thread and we can talk about it there

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