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Alliance rewards question

Can Ludia explain what’s the goal of not change alliance rewards, please? Ask for some communication is not too much, I hope.


I was wondering the same thing. They are supposed to change at some point right?

We got too much of sino :grinning:

Bite your tongue. There can never be enough Sino.

Give me Sino. All of it.

Of course I’m in an alliance that only gets to level 2 every week, so…


My alliance only gets to level 3 on both, because we have so many inactive players, they get booted at the end of the week.

We are just a little family of alliance of 6. With a few inactives, though one just came out of the word work today for a little activity.

We enjoy the time together though. So it works out.

I mean they did change the daily reward, it’s not too much to ask for an alliance change.

My thing is the spent time balancing a creating like 20 some different alliance dna line ups that metahub datamined back before alliance missions even worked.

If they werent gonna change it that is time they could have been using to fix bugs or atleast make sure alliance missions worked before 1.6 launched.

The fact is that all give an opinion except Ludia. Really cannot comprend their mentality. Simply no communication.

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You should join our alliance: JWA Fever. We are looking for new active players! We are almost getting to level 5… with a few more players we will get there!!

I’ll take all the sino I can get. It makes 2 of my fighters. Utasinoraptor and Thor. Although I hate Thor more and more each day. But you can’t hate that it’s a beast. Utasinoraptor is one of my favorite fighters to use.

Sure I’d like another good epic as a reward though at some point.