Alliance Roles Can Be Improved! Retain More Players and Please Seasoned Teams


Alliance roles can be utilized in a way to solve the following issues at hand:

  1. Reduce the need to use 3rd party apps for simpler game strategy discussion
  2. Ensure the current strategic teams are not attacked with “newbies” and their low level dinos in shared sanctuaries
  3. Reduce invites of strangers without the knowledge of Officers/Leads or while they are zzz
  4. Increase the chances with blind recruits and giving new players to Alliances the opportunity to be part of a team

How can this be achieved?
Seeing how the coding allows for certain tasks to be allowed per said role, this simple change will improve and solve many of the above problems and more…

Member role (“Newbie”) has a few more restrictions added - first, they may NOT send invites to friends or random members to join the team. Only Veterans role and above may send invites. Second, they may NOT place dinos into a shared sanctuary (similar to the level 3 lock before sanctuary use, but within an alliance only Veterans and above may place a dino into the shared sanctuary page).

This is an instant solution to rogue dino placements for all active coop strategies out there as only vetted/Veteran players and above can utilize their role to maintain the shared sanctuaries or sanctuaries in general. Imagine that, CoOp with no mistakenly placed dinos

Shared sanctuary page will be greyed out basically to member roles until promoted to veteran

Justifications are:

  1. This gives ample time for the officers and team strategists to communicate with the new player and educate the strategy at hand and not worry about current coop strategies to be attacked by random new players joining and placing dinos into a tempting 20 (kind of like grabbing food from the fridge while visiting a stranger’s home)
  2. Seasoned teams would be more inclined to accept blind invites without fear of the above
  3. No need for teams to have them join Discord or use other 3rd party apps just to “screen” them for a good fit for the team before allowing them into the team.
  4. New players will be retained at a higher rate as they will not have to ask why they got booted out of a good team what they didn’t understand from seasoned players wanting more instantly. If anything, time and patience has shown many new players can become hardcore players from experience with recruiting as a representative of the Teams of ARK.
  5. These “members/newbies/new players” to an alliance will not notice any difference and once “vetted” they get promoted to Veteran status as they’ve understood the team’s strategies and will be a solid player for time to come. If they choose to derail they can get demoted back to member/newbie status in which they can no longer play a significant role in disrupting CoOp strategies while maintaining the ability to still do mission contributions. So all in all, there is more to gain from adding these restrictions to the first level role and teams will be accepting more blind requests to join and from there they do what they do always…make a new friend!

Yours truly,


We need this.

I see little to no advantage in the current system. It’s nice we get titles, but it is so limited there really is no advantage. The only positive I see with the current system is for an alliance that is continually going through members, or the one with a vacant leader role, once co-leader has been established.

Would also like to see co-leader be automagically granted leader status once leader has not logged in for one month± to eliminate orphaned alliances. We know they exist.

Is there currently a co-leader role? Or is it just a leader, officers, veteran & members? Also is it up to the leader to change the status of a member to a veteran?

This would be great I’ve also just put a post suggesting some changes to the chat system if these were all put together a leaders game life would be made so much easier and would allow alliances to become a lot stronger and show off their individual strategy planning

Its Member to Veteran to Officer to Co-Leader.