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Alliance rules

I’d like to get some input on what rules other alliances have in place and how are you making them known and how are you enforcing them.

Reddit2 has very few rules.
The most important one.
NEVER put a dino in the L20 sancs.

After that it’s a tad lax.
Discord is mandatory and NOT kid friendly.
Since it’s in the alliance description and you have to apply through discord it makes it rather easy to enforce. Blind requests are immediately rejected.

10 takedowns on the weekend is mandatory.
You can look at the alliance rankings for enforcement.
(I get yelled at a lot because my weekends are pretty much vacations, but I usually get my 10 early Monday morning. LOL)

DBI’s are harder to enforce.
We have an officer who tracks, teams, trophies, and boost counts of members and looks for stagnancy and then theres the big red flag of 0 trophies that remains 3 to 4 days after reset.

We have a leave of absence channel on discord if any issues come up to cause this, so if there’s no reason in there and you appear to be coasting in the arena you’re gone. We used to turn a blind eye on explorers that win tiles a lot, but well… Exploration L10 is always a given so it’s really not important.

My Alliance is a lot more casual than most. The only rules we have are:

  1. You must be active. Any account not active for more than 7 days without warning gets kicked.

  2. Donate what you can. Don’t expect to ask if you aren’t helping others

  3. We don’t enforce 10 takedowns but not everyone enjoys the tournaments but give it a try if you can.

  4. There’s no silly restrictions on who can use what sanctuaries. Try and max one out before starting a new one if preferred.

  5. In game chat works fine.

  6. Be nice and have fun.