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Alliance rush winners, Are they now justified?

Cant remeber the name of the alliance but the influx of insults and complaints about them where vast,

Have we now justified there actions? after a few days reading, ive noticed the same people who complained about them using the system to smash weaker opponents are now smashing weaker opponents because they used the system to purchase boosts that they shouldnt have,

These boosts have been over used and by many many people, people in our own alliances and are we insulting and complaining to them?

Alot if people didnt notice the glitch for alot it wouldnt work, so many people used a unfair advantage to smash weaker people down the leader board and many many prominent voices on here have and are doing it,

So have they lost all credibility when it comes to pointing out what others are doing?

I read the defense but boosts where avaible to all…

That argument is flawed… Because it means the allaince rush winners could use this arguement…

Jwa has been available to all so lower arena players should have started playing sooner and grinded harder…

All i can see is when they did its wrong
Now im doing it its fine…

The old when it benefits me its ok arguement…

I would say many many people owe many many people an apology,

Not that i care either way just find the hypocritical nature of it amusing and wanted some thoughts?

Geez I’d already forgotten about the alliance rush… Help me.


I had then someone mentioned it, and it seemed so familiar to whats happening now.

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Technically rush winners did no wrong.
Technically crappy arena droppers did no wrong.
Technically speed boost buyers did no wrong.

They all used what was legitimately available from ludia.

Ethically did the above do wrong…

Yes… Yes they did… Ooooh boy they certainly did don’t cha know yeah.

But ethics aren’t enforced.

The only difference in the three is that speed boosts weren’t meant to be allowed.


Legion of Storm… And no, I don’t think this problem has anything to do with that other…


Why dont you think so? Surely beating up on people at a disadvantage is the same regardless of level?

First of all, because many people bought those not knowing it was a mistake from Ludia. Second, this wouldn’t be such a huge problem if matchmaking worked properly and only put players to face other teams with similar level and boost distribution. You can’t blame players for using what the game provided for them to win.

But arena dropping is a player’s choice and one that I’ll never agree on (unless you use a weaker team). But, Legion was far from being the only alliance that did that… they were just the stronger ones that did it and did it better… and since they were the winners, all the complaints fell on them.

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I agree its not a great thing to do,

Your statement on boosts is how i now feel about the winners “You can’t blame players for using what the game provided for them to win.”

The same argument i would make for alliance rush winners its not there fault its the match making that was at fault,

The only part i think we disagree on is many people not knowing it was a fault.
It was here within hours and the biggest gainers from it new it was a fault and still carried on.
Thanks for your view and sensible answer i appreciate it…:+1:

This is old hat man. No one is happy with the boost situation. Alliance Rush was a fun but flawed. These messes are Ludia’s children, do we really need another player-player hate thread.

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No hate on my theads only respect,

I like opinions and thoughts and am always thankfull even when im disagreed with.
Just found the situation interesting…

Y’all forgot battling AI for tournament points.

I think that was hated upon more than enough, and thats not really beating up on someone at a disadvantage.

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It’s a disadvantage if you played based on the text that stated it didn’t count. Those who didn’t bother to report it had an advantage in easy wins and plentiful matchups.

Everyone reported it straight away though

Whatever you wish to believe.

New transgressions do not make previous transgressions justified.

If you were a player who was against the exploitation of the previous arena system for alliance rush and have now taken advantage and exploited the boost system, then you may have lost the moral high ground, but this does not ‘justify’ what was done, on either side.

All that being said are things in this game in black and white or shades of grey? But as in life, People in glass houses should not throw stones.

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Very well said. I agree 100% thankyou for that analysis. Appreciated.

I was not aware he reported it to Ludia developers right away.

This is the discord for Ludia, and the developers monitor it?

That looks like Metahubs discord… looks more like sharing it to the team to me.

Nope metahub, but it hadn’t long started and we all reported it, so this view that alot took that it was a massive advantage or that people kept it hidden is not entirely true,
Whilst i appreciate it can seem that way based on the things people here say.

In actual fact it was a fair situation that was reported that 1000’s knew about and as soon as it was deemed wrong everyone stopped,
Just one final point you will hear they stopped because of the forum exploded at them…again thats incorrect they stopped as soon as the majority confirmed they hadnt been doing it,
Way before the forums flaming torches came out,

I didnt enter but was chatting to people trying to climb which is how i ended up in the conversation,
I then had to watch as everyone here twisted facts and edited conversations
Whilst we all had proof that it was discussed openly and screeshots showing it was reported through support.

Only saying this now because its all calmed down, i never get involved during the storm only after :joy:

That’s not entirely factual.
There were a few that defended doing it, and continued doing it after it was revealed, and the torches were lit.

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