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Alliance Rush

Do friendlies count towards the total?

Hey SuicuneAmattata, Friendly Challenges do not count towards the Alliance Rush.

How can you tell how your alliance is doing

You need to read the announcement.

lol I came on to ask the same question :sweat_smile::joy:

Also, how do we see our total?

Hey CMSainty, the top 50 Alliances progress will be tracked on the forums, and their scores will be updated on the forums as well.

There is some more information on the Alliance Rush on our thread here as well: [News] Jurassic World Alive | The March Movement

I hope that helps!

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Thanks! Filling the empty endless void.

o.k. I tried to RTFM but sorry I didn’t get it … Alliance Rush is different than Alliance Missions, right? So what now? It is 5:15 CET and I guess nothing started yet?


It is not clear… what progress?


Hey Buggy, your Alliance gets 1 Rush Point for a Battle being started and 1 additional point for winning a Battle, and the top 50 Alliances will have their Alliance name, and total Rush Points tracked on the forums.

The first Rush Points calculation should occur @ 3:00 PM EST today and the results will be posted on the forums.

I hope that cleared things up a bit!

This is confusing. Is there no way to see how your alliance is doing ingame? Sound pretty wierd

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Whats the rewards?

Unfortunately I can’t see what’s going on. There is only “My Alliance” with the list of members and their trophy score. Maybe only the leader can see the progress?
I tried to update the application but no update, I reset the application but all is all it was yesterday. All as usually.


I’m a leader and have the same problem as you.

And this link: [News] Jurassic World Alive | The March Movement is with the worthless info. Not a clue what does it mean… another “glitch” (lol)

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A lot of text but no info: " See details.

Every Alliance will accumulate Rush Points throughout the event.
Rush Points are awarded as follows:
    1 point per Battle started.
    1 additional point per Battle won.
Each members’ points are calculated and added up for the Alliance’s total Rush Points.
Throughout, the top 50 Alliances’ progress will be tracked on the forum (see below).
    For now, only the Alliances’ names and total Rush Points will be tracked.
Individual players will accumulate Rush Points for whichever Alliance they are a part of.
    Accounted for Rush Points will not be subtracted from an Alliance if the player who earned them leaves the Alliance during the event.
If an individual is not in an Alliance at the time the Alliance Rush event ends, they will not be eligible for this Alliance’s rewards. Individuals will receive the reward corresponding with the Alliance they belong to at the time the Alliance Rush event ends (see below).

Example: what are Rush points?

Hey Exuro, at the moment, only the top 50 Alliances with the highest Rush Points will be shown on the forums.

Here is also the rewards for this Alliance Rush:

I hope that helps!

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What if your alliance get under 50? Do they get any rewards at all?

Whilst you’re on to rewards, I have a question:
How come we lost the premium incubator?? I never got told why…