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Alliance Rush

Only the top 50 Alliances with the highest Rush Points will be awarded.

However, we have Global Challenges coming soon in March as well where everyone will have a chance to earn some awesome rewards!

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All the answer you are looking for are already in the forum. Alliance rush, the update etc… Do à quick search and you’ll find them :+1:

(for premium it’s because they thought it would be too hard to get to the goal so they lower the goal and the rewards accordingly)

Tbh, I think we could’ve done it! :joy:
Thanks for the advice!

So as I do understand… Rush points and all the “event” Alliance Rush" is about duels? …number of duels and number of wins… more you battle, more points you get, right?
I did some statistic how many battles can I do in one hour… it is 14 battles if I have duels in a line without the break.
But I think that the system of counting points is not fair…it should be the median of battles… so the alliances with the higher number of members can not be in advantage with the alliances with smaller number.

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I cant see the results.

@Hanna_Louise_Young Use this thread to see the results. Saturday’s results will be posted today at 10 AM EST, per Ned’s post above.


Where are the finals? I can’t seem to find them.

Right at the top. Yup. You gotta scroll all the way!