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Alliance Sanctuary's Decreasing

Two left… just two.

Maybe it’s just everyone is out doing other things today but this is the lowest amount since the start of the sanctuary’s. I hope it’s not just everyone is loosing interest. Maybe the others will get revived in the morning. That is when you see a bulk of the dna requests.
Also, I’ve stuck to one sanctuary with both my accounts for easier feedings. I put two of the same creatures I want from each account for quicker interactions rather than watching for and placing a dino on expiring sanctuary’s.

I might hit 7 on the one before it expires tomorrow, but I don’t know how anyone gets these things any higher. I’ve stuck to this one the whole time. I think they need to lessen the amount of interactions to level these things.

These have been useful despite the small amounts you get. They helped in getting many of the rest of all the legendary’s. I’m hoping for the addition of birds to these. I could have used that the last week and a half getting that last legendary. I spent every day in a park doing scents for Quetzal and got all Tenonto’s up till that last day where I finally got a couple.


The 14-hour timer has to go. What’s the point? We shouldn’t have to spend so much time watching the clock, making sure someone adds a dino just in time… but not too soon!

Id guess at this point less then 10% of the general population dont even understand how sanctuaries work. And half of the ones who do have simply lost interest… i’ve said it before but sanctuaries have a more complex system then the entire battling mechanics. I still see questions even on here were there are some great write ups of the mechanics. And we supposed to explain this to people in alliances through alliance chat cause even mentioning discord is against the Tos.

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