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Alliance screen functionality issues


Alliance screens have a couple of functional issues:

Bug Description:

  1. Chat scroll - this can become problematic if there are a lot of DNA requests. Instead of scrolling smoothly, it will miss large chunks of text out and leap back and forth.

  2. Chat messages - sometimes after an activity, such as a battle or friendly challenge, you are unable to post a chat message unless you restart the app.

  3. DNA requests - some do not disappear when fulfilled or collected and an error just appears saying ‘Sorry this action cannot be completed.’

What type of device are you using:

Using a Samsung Galaxy S8+ - latest updates.


Hey Sparky.Mead, thanks for reporting this to us. Our team is aware of some of the issues with the Alliance chat displaying incorrect information, and they’re actively looking into it. In the meantime, fully closing your game and then relaunching should allow the correct information to pop up in your Alliance chat.

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Thanks Ned, appreciate the prompt response!

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