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Alliance seeking 2-3 Active players for a Top alliance and super active!

Again Top500 alliance is seeking 2 and possibly 3 more members we have lost another player who quit because of the current gameplay status of which is killing off players all over the boards but that’s another topic! 1 was removed do to being inactive for days on end .

Update Looking for 2 more really active players level 20 -just removed 2 inactives

-Top500 Alliance seeking 2 possibly 3 Really active players as were a super active alliance.

-We are doing monthly alliance contests starting Saturday is our first alliance tourney common to legendary friendly battles and screen shots shared on Facebook to show winners the top 6 will be best of 3 battles and the winner takes home a 15-25 CAD gift card . This is our first contest and in alliance tourney and you must be on our Facebook group to take part asnits the only way to share screen shots of battles. We currently have 48 active members and there could be another spot soon.

-What we are looking for!
-Really Active -Daily players
Must be above 3700+ achievements.
I do favour anyone who’s super active and a top 500 player but mostly Super active and contributes to alliance.
-1 rule is IF you request DNA you must donate to others what you can! Everyone else does the same.
-Prefer if you have Facebook or can create one for joining our alliance group as we share screen shots of all or most donations received to make sure everyone is contributing if they are requesting DNA . Also our contests will be held there and we share in game info there a lot.

We are a International Alliance & we haven’t had any members unhappy with our great team we have!

We’re done our tier 5 exploration by Thursday’s or Friday’s and usually finish at 4th with our defence almost to the last tier as the 4000 battles seems to always hold us back.

Apply today to Top500

Message me DinoLord on this thread or privately and we can talk :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Thanks everyone !

Me gustaría unirme

Translated From Spanish

I would like to join

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation going forward.


So there’s no translate button? Can u ask him what level he is if he’s active daily and can join Facebook alliance group? As I can translate messages there. We do with others also
@Jason @Gustavo_Garcia

I am level 15, +3700 points and I play every day

Hay, is there a spot still open? I would like to join your alliance. I am level 16 w 3302 trophies

Hey spits have been filled thanks everyone! If anything opens I will be surely posting again!!